Rogue Valley Design – Interior Design and Visualization Service
Rogue Valley Design interior design and visualization services are a cost effect way to virtually see and walk through your next remodel before committing to physical changes to your home.
Interior Design
Elegant contemporary interior design with effective space utilization.
View your remodel before making physical changes to your home.
Optimize your existing floorplan or visualize significant alterations.
Move, add or remove light fixtures and windows then see the effects.
Not Too Big
For The Little Guy

We can work directly with homeowners, through their architect or contractor. We equally accommodate DIY homeowners on a budget and small contractor shops who do not have the time or resources to create computer generated renders of their proposals.

Homeowners benefit from being able to see accurately rendered computer generated models demonstrating various options such as materials for cabinetry and wall or door treatments. We can also visually demonstrate different light fixture options, their placement and the effect on the room.


Rogue Valley Design is committed to promoting sustainable building practices. We are always looking for ways to reduce ongoing homeownership costs through efficient utilization of available space and utility expense reduction by better building methods and materials.

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Interior Design

Rogue Valley Design can take your existing space and create the atmosphere you’ve always wanted. Whether you are looking to make major changes to your home with new fixtures and furniture or more subtle changes using your existing furniture and fixtures.
We can also help you de-clutter your living space with innovative space utilization strategies and methods.


Rogue Valley Design utilizes computerized systems to model your home or business. This allows us to make changes and variations to your space which allow you to see how the changes will look before committing to the actual physical construction.


Our system can show the effects of sunlight through windows at different times of the day and also how light fixtures will illuminate the space.